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Today, it is not enough to just have a regular website. If you go and build a regular website for your business, you will be massively disappointed at the fact that you're not gonna get any significant increase in sales or leads.

If you're looking to make more sales and leads, which I'm sure that's the main reason you want a website in the first place. then you need something more than just a website. You need to learn stuff like Google business profile, SEO (google search), website optimization, social media advertisement, etc. A bunch of things that can be take a ton of time to understand, be extremely frustrating, and overwhelming.

But, if you don't use any of these techniques or you don't use them effectively, you will end up falling behind in business. There's a ton of businesses out there who have lost a significant amount of sales (and some businesses have even gone out of business) of something simple as not showing up google maps. Their competitors on the other hand ended up taking away a big portion of the pie.

It does not matter how good you are, if you don't do anything to keep up with times, eventually you will fall behind.