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About I Only Build Great Websites

Today, just having a website is not enough if you want to succeed in business. Back in the days, just having a website was all you needed to get more sales/leads. Today, everyone plus your mom has a website.

Hello, my name is William and I only have 1 mission, and that is to build you a website that makes you the most sales/leads possible. I don’t build regular or even pretty websites. If you want a regular/pretty website, go look for another web designer. But if you want a website that is optimized to sell, then keep reading.

There are so many websites out there, but not all of them are designed to sell. Many people build a website with the intentions of selling, but they don’t really know what makes a website become a powerful selling tool. I have been learning how to make websites become powerful selling tools. You can check out the following link to learn more about everything I know: Everything that makes a website sell.

Now, if you’re still here reading, I want to show you something called the credo technique. The credo technique is basically a concept you can use in marketing where you state the values or principles you or your business stand for. Here I will use the credo technique to show you all the things I won’t do and the principles I will live up to in my business/work. You can use the credo technique as well in your website and you can use this technique in the home or about page of your website. So, check out the things I will never do and the principles I will always live up to:

Things I Will Not Do To You

  • I will not hold your website hostage by not giving you credentials and making you have to pay me more for updates/revisions.
  • I will not build half of your website and then upsell you for every little detail. (Something many web designers will do. Because once they build half your website, you are pretty much fully committed, so therefore you will feel like
  • I will not-not answer your calls and never give you a call back. If I don’t answer your call/message, I promise to give you a call back or message back within 24 hours and let you know when I can get back to you.
  • I will not give more priority to another website or business over yours. I treat all clients and websites the same.
  • I will not under deliver or build anything that is not high-quality work. Remember, I Only Build Great Websites ;).

I Will:

  • Treat your business and its website as if it were my own. So, I will learn as much as I can about your business so I can help you as much as I can.
  • Keep on learning and researching about what makes websites sell so I can help you and your business as much as I can.
  • Build you the best website you could ever ask for your business.

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