Web Design That Sells

At IOnlyBuildGreatWebsites, we not only make websites look beautiful, but also easy to digest. A lot of websites out there are too cluttered and confusing for people.

At IOnlyBuildGreatWebsites we believe the user experience is the main thing one should focus on. That’s because it is the user experience that will make more people turn from visitors into customers. Your website can be flashy, modern, and pretty, but if it does not make the user experience great, then what’s the point?

What Kind Of Design Is Best For Great User Experience?

A lot of businesses owners or web designers will use modern design techniques to make a website look flashy, trendy, or pretty. But sometimes (actually most of the time) these moderns design techniques can actually hurt your user experience, which in turn will hurt your conversion rates (or sale potential). Modern design techniques that can hurt your website selling potential are stuff like video backgrounds, web sliders, flashy text or images. The best design for sales optimization is usually a simple design. Nothing complicated or crazy because. That’s because simple designs are better for user experience. And user experience is waaaaaaay more important than a pretty fancy website.

User Experience In Web Design

User experience in the aspect of web design is more important than anything with aesthetic design (pretty, fancy, hip/modern). User experience in web design is stuff like how readable is the font of the website, the symmetry of the website (The human eye easily notices when things are uneven, inbalanced, or out of order. Things that are not “symmetrical ” or “balanced” to the human eye can make them seem unreliable or unprofessional.), the color combination, contrast, and smoothness used throughout the website (Unless you’re McDonald’s, don’t use very bright and highly contrasting colors), etc. Basically anything in your design that hurts the eyes, is distracting, or makes the mind question your webspite is not good design. You want your design to appear pleasant, smooth, and simple. These three things will for sure help your website sell.