Website Content That Sells

The content of a website can be as important, if not more important than the design of a website. As a matter of fact, I believe the content of a website can be much more important than the design of a website when it comes to sales. That’s because words are what really drive a sale. Think about the last time you visited a business website and told yourself “Wow, what a nice website. It really makes me want to buy from here”. Very likely, that was not the case. It’s much more likely what you read something on the website that made you want to buy or at least be interested. Now I’m not saying design is not important. Because design is indeed very much important and does influence a sale. What I’m saying is that people underestimate, undervalue, or forget about how much sellling impact words can have on your website. What people do is write content that is informational or professional. But purely informational/professional content may not be impactful enough for you to make enough sales. And if you want to absolutely make the most sales, then you must optimize your content for sales.

Here at IOnlyBuildGreatWebsites we use top copywriting techniques to make the main content of your website as persuasive as possible. Design is still important though, so do not undermine that. But design also has to be done a certain way so your website can be optomized to make more sales. Pretty and flashy does not always lead to more sales. As a matter of fact, these things can actually hurt sales.