Website Navigation

When a new visitor visits a website, it is like entering a grocery store they have never visited before. If it’s a big website, it is like they are entering a mall they never been in before. Today, stores and malls make it easy (or easier) to find stuff and navigate. But imagine if these places weren’t organized. Imagine if a grocery store had all their items all over the place without categories or signs to help you find them. Produce, meats, dairy, grains, drinks, and epverything was just randomly put all over the store. Imagine if a mall had no map or guide to give you directions. You just have to walk throughout mall and figure out what where and what stores are around. That will totally be unproductive and annoying. But, that is how a lot of people structure their websites navigation. Now I know stores and malls can require a lot more navigation than a simple website, but you have to remember that people online are much more impatient and have much less time than a person at a store or mall. If a person at a mall can’t find something, they will spend some time looking for it. If a person can’t find the price for your tacos on your website in the first 30 seconds of visiting your website, he/she is going to ditch your website and find another restaurant website that list their prices clearly.

Good Website Navigation Structure

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