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What Is a Website That Sells and Why You Should Get One?

Do You ReallyKnow What a WebsiteThat Sells Is?

If you landed on this page, you are probably curious about my definition of a website that sells. I’m sure you already know or have an idea of what a website that sells means. Afterall, it’s obvious.

But let me tell you something, most websites out there are not designed to sell optimally. Most websites are built with the intentions of selling optimally, but they don’t sell optimally.

How do I know this?

Well, you can read my page on all the things that make a website sell. You can check out the following link for that here: Everything that makes a website sell.

After a while of reading that page, you will see why I say most websites are not really designed to sell.

Why Get a Website that Sells vs a Regular Website?

Now, you might be wondering at this point “Why should I get a website that sells from this guy? Why not go with another web designer? This guy might charge me an arm and a leg + a kidney for this website that sells thing”.

Well, my friend. I do charge an arm and a leg + a kidney. Just kidding, I don’t.

I do charge more than regular web designers though because I will put a lot more thought and work into building you a website that sells. Afterall, I have to make sure your website is optimized to sell. But I promise it is worth it. Look at the things I will be doing to make sure your website is optimized to sell:

  • Create a design that will specifically focus the visitor on the core selling message of your website.
  • Create content I believe will help sell your products/services.
  • Make the content on your website as persuasive as possible. (I am currently studying something called web copywriting, which basically is the art and science of making the content on your website as persuasive as possible.)

As you can see, there is a lot more going on for a website that sells than just a regular website. But still, why should do all this for your website?

You Need To Stay One Step Ahead If You Want to Win

We live in a world of competition, where the ones who do more to stay on top of mind of their potential customers are bound to win.

What are you doing to stay top of mind in your potential customers head?

Your website is always being compared to other websites in your industry. If you have no competition, you are still competing for the money in your potential customers wallet. Are they gonna spend it on you or are they gonna spend it elsewhere? If you want to be successful in your business, you must find a way to separate yourself from the competition. A website that sells can do that for you.

Check out the following facts about a business website:

  • People put a huge amount of credibility and trust on your business based on how your website looks.
  • People are always going to check out your website before considering doing business with you. (Especially if your business is un the higher end of investment).
  • People are going to compare your website to other websites in your industry. (I already mentioned this before).
  • Your website can hold a ton of information and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, in an instant (that is if you have access to internet). All this for a few bucks a month for hosting.

As you can see, your website can be a super powerful thing.

The only question is, how effectively are you using this tool to promote your business?

If you get a website that sells, you will be on top of the competition in your industry. That’s because I have hardly seen any business websites that implement the concepts of a website that sells. As long as you’re getting traffic to your website, you will be getting more sales/leads. The concepts I implemented for a selling website are powerful at increasing your sales.

By the way, there are some other benefits of getting a website that sells:

  • A lot less effort selling: If your website is a selling machine, then half the battle is won. Because all you have to do is send people to your website and your website will do a major part of the selling for you. Imagine how much weight is taken off of you if all you have to do is tell people, “Hey, want to know more about my business? Check this link out.” That webpage will probably be a landing sales page that is specifically designed to a potential customer into a buyer/lead (that is what this page is doing by the way).
  • Pay less for in advertising: If your website is able to sell more, then the ROI you get from your ads should increase. Technically, you will be paying the same amount in advertising but just getting more on the return. But check this out. Some advertising platforms like Google reward web pages that are high quality (good at conversions) by charging them less for ads (something called quality score). So, overtime not only will you make more money from your ads, but you will also be paying less for them.
  • Feeling of pride: Who wouldn’t be proud of having a website that sucks people in like a vortex and makes them very interested in what your business is all about? And even if people don’t buy or are not potential customers or are just your friends/family, they will still admire how awesome your website is at conveying your message. This feeling of pride will make you want to share your website more with as many people as possible. More pride, more motivation to share, more sales. A vicious cycle that will make you extremely successful.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me now.

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